The Only Marketing Advice You’ll Ever Need From Jim Connolly

Do you ever feel a bit dim? For example, you read something that you know is important… and one year later finally get it! This happened when Jim Connolly answered my question about internet business models last September.
jim-connollyDifferent Between Tailored Marketing and Generic Marketing
To put things in context, I asked him about passive income streams. Did he have any examples he could share? Maybe I can learn something or, who knows, adapt them for own blogs.
Jim had another take on it:
‘The key is to avoid generic marketing advice from courses, books and gurus.
It’s not about channels. It’s about tailored marketing.”
Read that again.
It’s about ‘tailored marketing’.
…as soon as you copy the generic routes to “passive income success” touted in programs, books and blogs by gurus, you’re guaranteed to fail.
Whatever you decide to do, don’t waste a penny or your time on anything that wasn’t designed specifically for you.
YOUR plan needs to be based on YOUR resources, YOUR targets, and YOUR approach to business.
You can read Jim’s blog post here.

Different Between Frameworks and Blueprints

As someone who has shelled out on many courses, webinars, and ebooks this made me look at things slightly different.

  • What returns do I get from paid webinars?
  • What did I learn from conferences that I didn’t know before?
  • What do I get from reading X number of blogs in my Google Reader?
  • Maybe you’ve had the same thoughts. Are gurus worth it?

The point isn’t to bash internet gurus. Far from it. They all have their place.
People like Seth (especially Permission Marketing), Chris Brogan (especially his social media ecosystem concept), and Dosh Dosh (no longer with us, alas) have all shaped my internet business.
The salient point is that I study gurus who offer frameworks, not blueprints.
What’s the difference?
Frameworks give you building blocks. You have to figure out which to use, where to use them, and how to design the business. This echoes Jim’s advice. It’s based on what you have at your disposal right now.
Blueprints offer a path, a user manual to success. And here we need to be careful.

  • Because they have connections you don’t. And maybe never will
  • Because they went to colleges/companies you didn’t and
  • Because they have debts, liabilities, payments etc you don’t have

Remember, as you’re starting from a different place, the results will differ.
It’s a bit like two cooks using different ingredients, different ovens, and serving different customers. Will the results be the same?
Does this mean gurus are a waste of time? No. Far from it.
But rather than seeing them as an immediate solution to your situation, consider them as a finger pointing in the right direction.
See the difference?

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