11 Interesting Ways to Make Money on Your Blog

Google Adsense isn’t the only way to make money on your blog.
If anything, it may be the weakest and least lucrative way to generate income. Looking for some other examples to monezite your blog?

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11 Ways to Make Money on Your Blog

  1. Webinars – focus on a specific industry where your target customers have a budget for education products. Good examples are banks, finance, government agencies and software companies. Restrict the number to 100 at most to increase urgency and make it more exclusive.
  2. Paid Tweets – develop a loyal following on Twitter. Become the default person for your area of expertise. Connect with as many high profile bloggers in the same space and get onto every twitter list you can. Contact firms with budgets (see above) and offer paid tweets. Charge by batch, e.g. 10 tweets per week, rather than single tweet. Or join networks that offer paid tweets services, such as paidpertweet.com
  3. Sponsorship – create a blog on finance, insurance, legal or another vertical where there is serious dollars available. Avoid low value areas where companies have lesser budgets. Offer sponsorship on your tweets, blog posts, emails, and other content formats. See this tutorial from Darren on Find a Sponsor for Your Blog
  4. Educational Products – one of the advantages of the recession is that folks are more willing to invest in their education. And their kids. Develop products that you can sell online (avoid the hassle of selling offline) and offer bundles and special offers to compliment your offerings. Maths, languages, finance, study aids all do well.
  5. Facebook Page Design – know how to use Photoshop? Develop a portfolio of Faber designs and offer these to corporates. Again, avoid B2C and go for B2B and other lucrative agencies. See SpiderWorking.
  6. Skype Coaching – what’s the one thing you know best? Consider packaging this and offering 1-1 coaching over Skype. I taught business executives in China how to speak business english for 6 months. It paid 50 USD per hour. Not bad when all you need is a Skype account (free) and good headphones.
  7. Information Products – go to your local bookstore and pick out ANY self-help or DIY book. Take it home and use it as a template to create your own info product. Use eJunkie ADD LINKS to sell it. They cost 5 USD per month. The user interface is simple to use.
  8. WordPress Plugins – While there are tons of free plugins out there, there is also a market for more advanced plugins. Don’t know how to code? Don’t worry. Hire a developer on oDesk. Give them the specs and you sell the product.
  9. WordPress Theme – same as above. Use oDesk. Focus on a business sector and design the templates for that market. For example, create wordpress themes for the banking sector, automobile industry or other more obscure industries that get overlooked. DIY Themes is an excellent example of how to do this right.
  10. Photography – Got a camera? I paid $35 USD for five pictures of spanners (wrenches) yesterday. Each time those photos are sold, the photographer gets paid a royalty. Contact the bigger players such as iStockPhoto and Photo.com. It’s a great way for students, retired, or work at home parents to make extra income. And very lucrative if you do it right. Again, focus on one area and be the expert.
  11. Cartoons – Look at what The Oatmeal does. It’s not PC, juvenile, and a bit rude at times but wildly successful. He sells copies of his cartoons from the site and has niche micro sites where he sells others. Expect a book from him soon.

Those are eleven ways to make extra income online.
What have I missed? Which ones do you find the easiest to use?

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