5 Way To Market New Web Products

April Dunford gives five great tips on how to market your web product to early adopters. She asks how can you blend marketing and product development to increase adoption, in particular by those who are likely to champion your product before it goes main-stream. Geoffrey Moore covered this in Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado. Has anything changed since then?

5 Considerations when Marketing to Early Adopters

April highlights the key drivers that impact the adoption of a new product. Here are the five points she highlights:

  1. new-product Complexity – you need to make it simple to understand. In one sentence. Think elevator pitch. Complex new products don’t get adopted. Marketing can’t define it, sales can’t sell it. Clarify what it does and who wants it. Make product descriptions short. Avoid buzzwords, clichés and waffle. What does it do!
  2. Compatibility – how does it fit in with the target customers’ product line? Support this with case studies, use cases and scenarios. Paint a picture. Help them see how it will work for them.
  3. Advantage – how much does the new product improve upon existing offering (or doing nothing).  Express benefits in quantifiable terms. She advices not to say ‘your product is “faster” doesn’t mean as much as saying you can “improve production output by 200%.”’
  4. Trialability – make it easy to take for a test run. Her suggestion is to make it easy for customers to sign up and get started – you can talk about payments later. Besides downloads, you can offer screencasts, flash demos and video.
  5. Observability – develop outposts on Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr where ‘fans’ can discuss your product and give their verdict. Be prepared these are not here to flatter you. But if you engage in the dialogue, you can discuss how your product is better value than rivals by going thru the pain points that get raised.

Others Considerations when Marketing to Early Adopters

What have we missed here? How do you get your products to market? What mistakes do people make when launching a new product?
Fire away below.

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