Customize your Google Search Results with Subscribed Links

You can now customize the Google search results pages with the Subscribed Links feature. This is found under the Preferences link next to the Search box. This let’s you add information from additional sources to your Google search results. When you search queries match your Subscribed Links, Google will display information from the provider you selected in your search results.
Advantages to using Subscribed Links
Subscribed Links let’s you add information to your Google search results pages. Whenever you search Google in a specific area, you’ll see a custom result from those providers in your search results. You can find a list of available Subscribed Links with example queries in the Subscribed Links directory.
Where do Subscribed Links appear in the search results?

Subscribed Links appear in the fourth search result position.
Some other things to note about this option:
You might not see particular Subscribed Link in your search results when multiple Subscribed Links from different providers are triggered for the same query. Only one of them will be displayed in full; single links will be shown for the others.
If you search for something that doesn’t trigger your Subscribed Link, it will not appear in your search results.
You can create a Subscribed Link in three ways:
Use the Design a Basic Subscribed Link.
This is the easiest option but allows the least flexibility.
Upload a feed file
Upload a data file from your local disk to our servers in XML, RSS, or TSV format.
Submit the URL of a feed file
Tell Google the location of a file hosted on a website that contains your data feed in XML, RSS, or TSV format. Google will periodically recrawl this file so that if you have frequently-changing data, your data changes will automatically be reflected in your Subscribed Link output.

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