How much can I earn as a Technical Writer?

How much do Technical Writers earn? I get asked this question quite a lot for people considering moving into this field or those who want to compare their earnings with their peers.
To put potential career earnings into perspective, oDesk oConomy reports that freelance writing jobs, including technical writing, business writing, and article writing, have become part of the growing demand for online jobs. The highest paid writers are in Canada, earning an average of $13.68/hour. US writers, charge an average of $11.31/hour. These writers work at home and set their own rates and hours.
Median Salary by Employer Type highlights that “Technical Writer salaries for job postings nationwide are 5% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.”
Hourly Rates By Technical Writing Experience

Average Salary of Technical Writing Jobs
Business Analyst                    $74,000
Documentation Specialist   $59,000
Junior Technical Writer     $46,000
Programmer Writer             $76,000
Proposal Writer                     $59,000
Senior Technical Writer     $77,000
Technical Writer                   $61,000
Technical Writer Contract $68,000
Technical Writer Editor     $60,000 has provided us with these salary figures.

In the US, Technical Writers n the 25th percentile earned $58,837, the Median earned $65,893 and the 75th percentile earned $74,587.
Top paying states in the US for Technical Writers:
State, Hourly Mean Wage, Annual Mean Wage
California                 $36     $75,470
Massachusetts       $35     $72,820
Washington             $35     $72,490
New Hampshire    $34     $69,680
Nevada                     $33     $69,530
Source: U.S. Department of Labor
In the UK, offers the following figures for the London area:
Average minimum salary     £30,600    £29,198
Average salary                          £33,167    £33,286
Average maximum salary    £35,733    £37,374
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