Customize your Google Search Results

You can create your own customized Google search engine by identifying the sites you want Google to index and then display the results on your own home page, instead of sending them to
To do this, log on to Google Custom Search at and sign up. It’s very simple. Add your sites, select the color scheme and configure a few variables. No coding skills required.
Save your shiny new search engine and cut and paste the code into your site. Loo at our left menu bar – that’s our own Google Custom Search.
Use Subscribed Links
Subscribed Links goes one better and lets others users can add YOUR search engine to their own Google search pages.
This means you can display links to your services/products for your customers, provide news, answer questions, calculate useful quantities, and more.
Use Subscribed Links to:

  • Create search results specific to your product or service.
  • Build a dynamic version using XML, TSV, or RSS files or feeds.
  • Include images and Google gadgets in your Subscribed Links.
  • Test your Subscribed Links interactively and get debugging messages.
  • Define query patterns using lists of keywords or regular expressions.
  • Invoke the calculator to help construct your results.

Learn more at

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