How to batch process images and photos

Batch It! is a Windows-based program is ideal for digital photographers who want to resize and rename a large batch of images.
Here’s why the developers created Batch It!
“We looked for tools to handle batch image resizing but the tools at that point of time were simply too expensive and too difficult to use. That set us in motion and Batch It! was born. Our goal then and now was to develop simple to use programs which we know people would use.”

The key features of the batch file program:
Batch Image Resizing – you can resize images by pixel size, percentage, by ratios and in frames. Framing creates uniform image dimensions while maintaining aspect ratios within the frames.
Batch Image File Renaming – Batch It! lets your batch rename the images to your liking such as “London Trip 01.jpg” or “Day at Old Trafford.jpg”, instead of the default digital camera settings, i.e. “image001.jpg”, “image002.jpg” etc.
Batch Text Captioning – you can give each image a short description to make your images more meaningful. Adding copyright tags can assert your intellectual property rights.

Batch Watermarking – Batch It! lets you add watermark logos onto the images, such as copyright images.
Batch Image Rotation – If your digital camera takes landscape images but you want to change them to portrait, Batch It! lets you to batch rotate them or choose which individual images you want to rotate.
Batch Drop Shadow – Instead of using the default border settings which can make images look flat, add Drop Shadows to make the images stand out.
Batch Effects Adjustments – Batch It! comes with a host of features which allows you to create grayscale, negative, old picture effects and more on the images to give them that unique feel.
It also supports Auto Equalization which adjusts and balances color contrast and intensity levels.
The user interface is very simple to use, reducing time spent on mundane tasks. What used to take days or weeks to accomplish can be done in a matter of minutes.

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