The RoboHelp family of products consists of Help authoring software for Help authors, technical writers, and developers who are tasked with creating online Help or documentation for desktop or Web-based applications.
FlashHelp is a new Flash-based online Help format available in RoboHelp. This output solves Dynamic HTML limitations for different browsers and platforms and high-security firewall issues with Java Applets, and provides a dynamic interface using FlashHelp skins. FlashHelp skins use animation, sound, color, and other elements to revolutionize the appearance of online Help systems. Skins can be used to match the look and feel of a company’s Web site or product, increase the usability of online Help systems, or simply add interest and an updated look to a Help system.
Skins apply to the navigation pane, which is displayed on the left side of the Help window, and the toolbar on top of the window. The navigation pane typically includes a Table of Contents, Index, Search, and Glossary. The toolbar provides buttons used to access the Table of Contents, Index, etc. The topic pane contains the content and is displayed on the right (skins do not apply to the topic pane except the scroll bar in the topic).
A vertical-style look is also available with FlashHelp that is ideal for adding embedded Help to desktop applications or running side-by-side with Rich Internet Applications. The navigation pane is located on top and the topic pane is on the bottom, providing a more compact system that takes up less screen space. Users can easily view the application and Help at the same time without resizing the Help system. This style offers developers powerful options for integrating the Help system into an application.
Elements of the FlashHelp run time
The FlashHelp run time has three main elements that you can customize: the toolbar, the navigation pane, and the navigation bar.[ad#co-1]

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