Academic Reference Manager & Research Tool

Reference Tracker 1.0 is an academic reference manager and research tool. Reference Tracker creates documents that store all the citations and references in an essay, research project, or book and automatically creates Harvard or APA (American Psychological Association) formatted reference lists to insert when needed.
Among Reference Tracker’s unique features is there is no need to type out all the details of a referenced book. Just give Reference Tracker the book’s ISBN and it will fetch all the details from the internet automatically. If the user doesn’t have the book in hand, typing keywords into its built-in publication search will get a list of matching results. With a single click, search results will be added to their reference list.
When referencing an online web resource, the application can pull all of the details from Safari or Firefox with just one click. And Reference Tracker can pull all the details from Apple’s Mail as well.
Reference Tracker can send a formatted reference list directly to the end of word processing documents. The dynamic ‘Send To’ menu will show a list of open documents in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. Users can easily append their formatted list to the end of an open document, or create a new document with the contents of the list.
Reference Tracker’s intelligent formatted list importer can read Microsoft Word or RTF documents and pull all existing Harvard or APA (American Psychological Association) references into the Reference Tracker document. In addition, Reference Tracker can also import BibTex (.bib) and .ris files generated from websites or other referencing software.
Reference Tracker can group references into folders, and ideal when working with large or multi-chapter documents. In addition to keeping references organized, users may generate formatted reference lists from the contents of a group, rather than all the references at one time.
Reference Tracker offers built-in sticky notes too. Users may easily add as many comments or notes to as many references as they wish.
Harvard or APA formatted reference lists can be edited and printed directly within Reference Tracker. Lists can also be exported to Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text (.rtf), plain text (.txt) documents, or web pages (.html). Reference Tracker can also export documents to BibTex (.bib) and RIS (.ris) files.
Feature highlights include:
* Create Full References in a single step
* Reference Web Pages and Emails with a single click
* Easily import existing Reference Lists
* Integration with Microsoft Word and Apple’s Pages
* Easily Organize References
* Export formatted lists to anywhere
* Add Sticky Notes to References

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