How to Delegate Tasks when Managing Company Blogs

Do you think you can – and should – do everything on your blog? If you do, you’re nuts! Instead, focus on where you add real value and delegate other tasks to others. This gives you more time to build your digital products, create the marketing plan, and connect with others. This makes sense, right? But the problem is how to let go… and how to track that they are doing it correctly.

How To Delegate (and Track) Tasks When Running a Business Blog

How To Delegate (and Track) Tasks When Running a Business Blog

How To Delegate (and Track) Tasks When Running a Business Blog

At some point, your blog will be too successful to run by yourself. One of the dilemmas of running a fast-growing blog is that you need to:

  • Scale the development process
  • Filter out the distractions
  • Find ways to automate business processes

Training Yourself: How To Delegate One Task

Start off with one task. For example, when you go away for a long weekend or to a seminar.

Let’s say you want to delegate it to one of your family or a trusted friend. Here’s what you could write…

‘Can you do me a favour and look after the site while I’m travelling. Maybe you can practise over the weekend and early next week. Every day, I get 3 or 4 customers with some type of problem. Mostly they have lost their products or weren’t able to download them.

I have listed all the products in the Products s/sheet I attached.

Clicking on the links takes you to the sales page. It’s very simple… so no fear!

  1. Go to <enter link>
  2. Login: <name> and password:
  3. Read the emails. Problems usually say ‘help my download got lost’ or ‘I want a refund’.

Using Checklists for Delegating Tasks

Give them a checklist to follow:

Here’s what to do:

For Lost Files:

Find out what item they bought. It should say in the actual email. For example:

ClickBank Sale Notification

  • Order Number: XXX999
  • Order Date: 02/27/2012 7:41 AM PST
  • Product: ShoeMoney System
  • Product ID: 21

This example is Product ID: 21, which is the ShoeMoney System.

Find the template in the Products.xls file I sent you.

Scroll down the page and find the link #21.

  • Click on the link. It opens this page:
  • Copy/paste the link into your email and say.
  • Our apologies for this occurring. The system should have sent you to the Download page automatically.
  • The following link will take you to the download page. Right-click on the link to save the files to your PC.
  • <<Paste link in here.>>

Checklists for Delegating Tasks For Customer Support

“Some people will forget to say what they ordered. When this happens, email them back and say:

“Can you please send me the email you received from Clickbank. This has your receipt # in it. Please send this over so I can locate the order you placed in our system.”

Checklists For Refunds

Don’t waste time. Just Send an email to and CC the customers.

Just write:

“Please refund the customer for this order.”


The key is to create checklists that can be used over and over again. Keep the instructions simple and avoid any ambiguity. Write in the active voice and allow for exceptions. Then test the checklists before you go.

While you need to spend time doing this to get started, once you have them up you can then relax knowing that the checklist will help you automate the process and give you more free time to build the business.

How do you delegate tasks?