10 Bing Add-ons for Internet Explorer 8

Here are 10 Bing plugins that you can add to Internet Explorer, including Maps, Finance, Definitions, Power Searching and other web slices.


Bing Maps

Map addresses using this Bing Maps Accelerator

Bing Translator

Language translation at your fingertips with this Accelerator

Shop and Save with Bing Shopping

Gives you instant product prices, cashback offers and information and helps you save shopping online (Accelerator)

Surf Canyon

Unleash the power of search like never before

Finance from Bing

Get stock quotes from Bing with this Web Slice

Traffic from Bing

Get traffic updates from Bing with this Web Slice

Bing Maps for Outlook

Internet mapping and Outlook

Bing Image Search

Search Images with Bing (Accelerator)

Define with Bing

Define words or phrases with Bing (Accelerator)

Weather from Bing

Get weather updates from Bing with this Web Slice

Download: http://www.ieaddons.com/en/search/?search=bing