15 Ways to Use Twitter Chats to Connect With A List Bloggers

Ever notice that A List bloggers are always talking to each other? Wouldn’t it be nice to get on their radar? One way to do this is with Twitter chats. These are very powerful if you find the right Twitter chats, for instance, those that let you share what you know, connect with like-minded bloggers, and increase your social media influence. Here’s how to do it.

Using Twitter Chats to Connect With A List Bloggers

Using Twitter Chats to Connect With A List Bloggers

The key, as always, is planning.

  1. Choose the Right Twitter Chat. Look through the different Twitter Chat directories and see which works for you. For example, I use the KaizenBlog (Elli StGeorgeGodfrey) as it relates to my areas of expertise and it suits my schedule.
  2. Schedule your Twitter Chat. I use Google Calendar to remind me of the next Twitter Chat. I’ve it set to repeat for the next 20 weeks so I don’t miss any. As I’m in Europe, I focus on Twitter Chats, such as SmallBiz that start early in the day or on the East coast.
  3. Use Twitter Chat Software. I use Tweetchat.com to chat with others during the sessions. Using the twitter interface is very difficult and even Hootsuite can be a bit cramped. Try Tweetchat (free) and it will make things easier.
  4. Turn Up On Time. If you’re going to join in, be there at the start. Let everyone know how 10 min before it starts that you’re about to attend.
  5. Help the Host. Help the person leading the Twitter Chat by sending out reminders, tweets and RTs during the week. This type of goodwill will be noticed and, in time, come back to you.
  6. Share what you know. It’s called chat for a reason. Join in and share what you know. Remember to quote others and thank them (without being too gushy.)
  7. Don’t be that guy. Try to be positive and helpful. Until you know folks well, keep negative or conferential comments to yourself. Jokes can also backfire very easily. Be discreet. Engage with others and respect their opinions.
  8. Stay On Topic. Don’t deviate from the main subject. Respect the ‘theme’ or topic under discussion. Stay focussed.
  9. Use the Hash tag. If you don’t use the hash tag, e.g. #blogchat, then others will not see you in their chat. Remember to add it to your comments. One trick I use is to type in MS Word and then paste into Tweetchat. Works for me!
  10. Short Comments. If you write short, concise comments you leave space for others to respond and retweet your comments to their followers, which is what you want, right? Don’t ramble!
  11. Respect the Format. If the chat uses a specific format, like ‘Q1. Q2. Q3. etc’ then use the format. This keep the chat organized and helps the moderator with the transcripts.
  12. Don’t Hog Attention. If there are many voices trying to be heard, use discretion and post every now and then. Nothing is worse than someone who ‘chats’ non-stop cluttering up the twitter stream.
  13. Move Around the Room. Don’t tweet/retweet the same people all the time. Reach out to others and bring them into the conversation. Look for ways to compliment others.
  14. Respect the leader. Thank the person who organized the chat. Remember to remind others when the next Twitter Chat is coming up.
  15. Be Kind. We’re all in this together. The people on the Twitter Chat are probably in the same situation as you. They want to share, help others, and get a little publicity for their business. Can you help them do this?

Do Twitter Chats Work?

The only way to find out is try. I focus on three chats every week. When I look at my stats the next day, there is usually an increase of traffic to my site, increase in subscribers to my email, and more sales. What’s not to like?

What do you think of Twitter Chat? Have they helped you develop your business? What’s the one thing you’d like to know about them?