Facebook Ads: Size, Dimensions & Best Practices

Creating your first Facebook ad?  Consider these points when setting up your first ad. Make sure to use the right dimensions when creating your Facebook ad, get the text and image ratio correct, and use compelling call to actions in the copy, otherwise you’re wasting your marketing budget.


Designing your Facebook Ad

In no order of priority, here are the guidelines you need to be aware of:

Character Limits

Your Facebook ad must include a title (the name of the ad) and body (i.e. the text).

  • The title can be 25 characters max.
  • The body can be 135 characters max.

Images in Facebook Ads

Every ad MUST have an image. However, your image can have text in it Or be all text. But if must technically be in an image format.

Image Size for Facebook Ads

The image can be 110 pixels wide and 80 pixels high (i.e. 110 x 80 px).

One suggestion is to keep an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9.

Maximum File Size

The ads you upload to Facebook must be less than 5 megabytes.

Incorrectly Sized Images

If your image is larger or smaller than the correct dimensions, Facebook will resize your image accordingly.

Using Flash and Animated Gifs

Facebook does not support animated or flash images.

Girls in Facebook Ads

Using pretty girls to increase click-thrus does work but… if it’s not connected with what you’re selling, you’ll simply waste your budget very quickly. Use images that connect to your potential customers.

Best Practices Facebook Ads

Use a compelling image that:

  • Draws attention to your product/service
  • Does not confuse the viewer into clicking (after all you pay for every click)
  • Is fast to load
  • Has a clear call to action
  • Uses words sparingly. Don’t clutter the image with words.

Facebook Ad Resources


Design your Facebook ads so that you the comply with Facebook’s best practices. Understand how Facebook uses ads and the way it funnels them thru the system. Ads typically peak after 24-36 hours and, unless getting very high clickthrus, will be removed from Facebook. So make sure your ads meet the correct guidelines first.

Any questions about creating a Facebook ad?

Add it in the comments so we can all share & learn.