Bing Tips – Remove the Bing background image

bingimage2Here are some more Bing tips that you might like.

Ringtones for your mobile phone
You can download Bing-themed ringtones. These are MP3 files to make your phone Bing Bing.


Yesterdays Wallpaper
Click the icon in the lower right corner to see yesterday’s Bing wallpaper.

Map addresses using this Bing Maps Accelerator

Maps for Outlook
Internet mapping and Outlook

Language translation at your fingertips with this Accelerator

Shop and Save
Gives you instant product prices, cashback offers and information and helps you save shopping online (Accelerator)

Surf Canyon
Unleash the power of search like never before

Get stock quotes from Bing with this Web Slice

Get traffic updates from Bing with this Web Slice

Image Search
Search Images with Bing (Accelerator)

Define with Bing
Define words or phrases with Bing (Accelerator)

Weather from Bing
Get weather updates from Bing with this Web Slice

You can download all of these from

Remove the Bing background image
To remove the background image in Bing’s search engine, enter the following url:

This displays the homepage without the background image, making the download faster.

Bing IP Address lookup

Use Bing to lookup any IP address

IP:[IP Address]

Change [IP Address] with a valid IP, such as the IP address you want to track.

Turn Every Bing search into an RSS feed

You can save every search on Bing into an RSS feed. This means you can pull the search results into your blog or website and
increase your web traffic.

Access the feeds from the browser’s toolbars (or by pointing a feed reader to the search result’s URL) and then add


to the results.

A search for Snagit v 9 would be available as an RSS feed from the following URL

Contains parameter refines searches

In Bing, the parameter ‘contains’ tells the search engine to only look for websites that contain that search term. For

iPhone contains:download

Beatles contains:mp3
Annual Report contains:doc
Display wallpaper images

If you’re a fan of Bing’s background wallpaper, you’ll like this!

You can display Bing’ wallpaper images in its Image search results. Search for a term in Bing image search and then click on
the Size category in the left sidebar.

This automatically display various size filters including an option for wallpaper. This display only images that have the
exact size of the computer screen resolution.

Preview Search Results

Hover over any search result and a small bar with a bubble appears. If you hover over the bubble, it gives you a preview of
the landing page on the site.

Sort Images by format and type
Bing can tell the difference between a photograph and an illustration. Use the similar images link when you hover over an
image to see similar related images.

Track Celebrities
Bing xRank tracks celebrities and ranks them. xRank shows News results, Image results, Video results , biography details, and digg links.

Get the weather forecast

In the search box, type the name of the city followed by weather or forecast.

New York Forecast

Paris weather

Convert one unit to another
In the Bing search box, type the quantity, followed by in, followed by the conversion.

For example, type 15 kilometers in miles or 33 degrees F in Celsius.
The operator ‘in’ convert units of measurements for distance, weight, time, volume, and temperature.

Stock Quotes
In the search box, type the ticker symbol followed by stock or quote.

For example to find the financial quotes of Microsoft, type MSFT stock or MSFT quote.

Get Statistical Information
In the search box, type what you want to find. For example, population of England, or iphones in USA.

Mathematical Equations
Enter the equation that you want to solve, for example,
sqrt 9
sin 11 * 66
13% of 994

Find Hotels in a city

Use the following as examples:
New York hotels
hotels in Egypt
Dublin hotels

Track Flight Status
To see the status of your flight:
flight status for United – enter the flight number and press Get Status .
flight status – Bing prompts you to enter the flight name and number on the first result itself. Enter the flight name and
number and Get Status.

Search sites with filetype
To search for websites that contain links to Microsoft Windows Media Audio (.wma) files, type music contains:wma.

Search for files with a particular filetype.
To find document created in PDF format, type the name of the document, eg report, followed by filetype:pdf.

MP3 Music Files
Type U2 contains:mp3 will show pages that are about U2 and link to MP3 files.

Web pages for a specific language
To find results in a particular language, select the language code after the language: keyword. For example, if you are
searching for laptops then type “laptops” language:en.

Find Organizations
To find results about golf but that primarily pertain to the organization, type golf prefer:organization.

Web pages from a specific country
Enter the country or region code directly after the loc: keyword. Use a logical OR to include one more language. For example,
to see web pages about wine from the France or Italy , type wine (loc:FR OR loc:IT). Image results are shown at the bottom of
the page.

Find Blogs
To see blogs from the BBC websites, type “blogging” ( .

Find RSS feeds
To find RSS feeds about iphone, type feed:iphone.

Find RSS feeds of particular website
To find webpages on the New York Times website that contain RSS feeds, hasfeed:iphone. ‘hasfeed:’
Finds webpages that contain an RSS feed on a website for the terms you search for.