Aweber v MailChimp – which is best value for money?

Should you pay for aweber or take the free route with MailChimp? I have to admit I’m tempted to drop aweber and go with MailChimp. But I need to be careful. I have don’t this before and got burned. Here are some points to consider when switching email software. It’s not all about price.

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Aweber v MailChimp

  • Price – Aweber starts at $1 but goes up depending on usage. I pay between 20-30 US per month. MailChimp is free (at least up to 2k users). What’s not to like.
  • Deliverability – if you’re sending large email lists, then you need to be aware that ISPs recognize some email software platforms better than others. Why does this matter? If they don’t know you, the email goes into the spam filter or blocked.
  • Track Record – My experience with aweber has been terrific. That’s why I still pay 🙂 I’d be concerned that a firm using a free business model could (possibly) have cash-flow issues that may impact me. And if they close down, what happens to my email list? Do I have to start all over again?
  • Education – On of the strengths of aweber is the very detailed tutorials (many videos) and knowledge base.
  • Knowledge Exchange – as many of the leading social media experts use aweber, see john chow, they share great tips and insights into how to optimize their email marketing plans. I don’t see this with MailChimp yet. Maybe I need to look harder.
  • Expertise – as Aweber has been in email marketing that much longer, I feel more confortable that with MailChimp. I ‘feel’ Aweber are more professional than MailChimp; not saying they are but it colors my thinking.

Aweber v MailChimp – How to Test

Saying that the price is an issue. No point pretending otherwise. Here’s what I’ve done. I setup a new account with MailChimp. This has (more or less) the same traffic as another site.

My plan is to compare both email lists and see what trends emerge?

If there is no major difference between the two… then maybe I will switch.

What do you think? What email software do you use?