How to fix Google Chrome Aw Snap error message

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Chrome Displays “Aw, Snap!” message everytime i log on to a website, and when i refresh the page it does it again.

How do you fix this problem?

Google Chrome forum has a list of possible solutions at:

I find this happens to me most when I use WordPress 8 (don’t upgrade yet folks) especially when I use the Save Draft option.

Others say that “the “Aw, snap” error occurred when I installed the 64-bit version of PC Tools Spyware Doctor on my 64-bit Windows Vista laptop, and was corrected when I un-installed the software. PC Tools has not acknowledge they have a problem (yet), but only two individuals have posted having this particular issue. If you recently installed the 64-bit version of Spyware Doctor, try removing it from your computer.”

Here is one solution. 

It turns out that when you uninstall Chrome, it doesn’t uninstall all your personal settings in your user profile. So I had to manually delete that directory. After that, I rebooted, installed Chrome, and it worked fine. 

1) Uninstall Chrome

2) Open Windows Explorer

3) If you do not have Show Hidden Files enabled, then in Windows Explorer hit

Tools, Folder Options, View, Select ‘Show Hidden Files and Folders, OK.

4) Navigate to

C:\Documents and Settings\[the user you’re using]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google

5) Delete the Chrome folder. 

Some process in this folder locked for me, so I had to navigate into each subdirectory within the folder and delete all files manually.

6) Reboot

7) Install Chrome

Does that work for you?